El Chupacabra


Have you ever witnessed something you couldn’t explain, possibly an animal seeming to be outside of nature? Or perhaps you have heard stories of such creatures, the ones that loom in dark places at night leaving strange tracks on the ground and peering at you with glowing red eyes. Creatures that stalk humans and even terrorize communities, those that are outside the realm of science. They have been spotted and talked about since ancient times and are the source of nighttime terrors and the origins of many legends and myths from our culture and from around the world.

Creatures Outside Of The Animal Kingdom

The monsters in which I speak are being classified as cryptids, a term describing them as unknown in the animal kingdom. This pseudoscience is known as cryptozoology, and while the term is fairly recent, these creatures of the skies, forests, and deep within our waters have been a part of alternative history for eons.

One such creature has been sighted in Puerto Rico and Mexico since the early ’90’s and has been known to tear through the local livestock. It’s name “El Chupacabra” literally meaning “goat-sucker” in Spanish. He was thusly named after farmers noticed small puncture wounds on the corpses of their animals. Some claim that the chupacabra’s eyes become glowing red when threatened, giving it the ability to hypnotize and stun it’s prey before it feasts.