On October 21st, 1978, Frederick Valentich vanished…



On October 21st, 1978, Frederick Valentich vanished whilst piloting an aircraft over water.

Whilst in flight, Valentich commed Melbourne Air Traffic Control to describe an object flying near and around him. He asked for any known traffic in his area, which traffic control replied ‘none.’

He continued to describe the object as a “large aircraft” with four bright landing lights, and was flying around him at incredibly fast speeds, and at one point even stopped in mid-air. His last words to traffic control were “it’s hovering and it’s not an aircraft” before 17 seconds of open mic, filled with what is described as “metallic scraping sounds” were heard.

There have been numerous theories regarding the disappearance, but no trace of his plane or him have ever been found. The most prevalent theory is, of course, a UFO had everything to do with the disappearance.

Transcripts of the conversation between Valentich and Melbourne have been released, but no official audio has been released, and the original tape has been reported lost.