Shadow Person (caught on tape)

Everyone has seen them, mostly in their peripheral vision, there one second and gone the next.
standing in the doorway, are just all cool walking by like its their house.
Or this may have happened to you where you just wake from sleep, its dark and this THING is just hanging over you just watching you.
They can influence your environment, your mood. you might just laugh it off and say its just your imagination. Might just say out of sight out of mind. Think happy thoughts.
My friend you know what you saw………

I have heard many people call them many differant names
Spirit guides, hooded beings, time travelers,interdimensional beings,
aliens,gremlins,shadow people or persons, Meth monsters,jinn, dark shadows, sgili,raven mockers,Ghosts, …but in all truth they are Fallen Angel,Demons, Unclean Spirits.


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