The Flat Earth Theory


The idea of the Earth being flat is far from new, having been a notion shared by an wide range of cultures dating all the way back to ancient Greece.

Despite going in and out of favour, the concept regained serious momentum in the mid 20th century when Samuel Shenton established the Flat Earth Society in 1956.

Today, the “Flat Earth” movement has seen a recent resurgence, with Twitter and YouTube acting as incubators the conspiracy.

According to the Flat Earth Society, the most obvious proof of our planet’s flatness can be found by looking at the horizon.

“The horizon always rises to meet eye level — which is impossible on a ball Earth,” its website read.

Flat-Earthers claim the horizon will always remain completely flat to the observer, regardless of how high they travel and that people who claim to see the Earth’s curvature from a plane are lying.


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